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Anctil, Dominic (2011) L’erreur lexicale au secondaire : analyse d’erreurs lexicales d’élèves de 3e secondaire et description du rapport à l’erreur lexicale d’enseignants de français, PhD dissertation, Département de didactique de la Faculté des sciences de l’éducation, Université de Montréal. [PDF (5.4Mo)]

Hadouche, Fadila (2011) Annotation syntaxico-sémantique des actants en corpus spécialisé, PhD dissertation, Département . . . → Read More: Just published

New resource: Visual DiCoInfo

The OLST is thrilled to announce the Visual DiCoInfo

The primary goal of the Visual DiCoInfo is to highlight graphically the intrinsic organization of relations found in the dictionary. First it offers terminologists an overview of the consistency and completeness of links between lexical descriptions. It is also useful for other types of users . . . → Read More: New resource: Visual DiCoInfo

New resource: TermoStat 3.0

The OLST is pleased to announce a new version of TermoStat Web 3.0.

In addition to the existing search capabilities and presentation options, this new version has many innovations including:

Extracted terms are presented in different formats: lists, graphs and clouds Lists themselves can be sorted according to different scores, and . . . → Read More: New resource: TermoStat 3.0

New resource: DiCoEnviro

The OLST announces the DiCoEnviro kickoff: Little brother of the DiCoInfo, this dictionary focuses on the fundamental terms associate to the environment and especially to the subdomain of climate changes.

Search and see some articles : the DiCoEnviro

. . . → Read More: New resource: DiCoEnviro

New resource: Olster

Mashup of the OLST lexical and terminological data The OLST is pleased to announce the creation of a new mashup website dedicated to the query and aggregation of the OLST’s lexical databases content: Olster

. . . → Read More: New resource: Olster

Just published: Proceedings of MTT’09 and TLS’09

Alcina, A and L’Homme, M.-C. (2009) Proceedings of the first International Workshop on Terminology and Lexical Semantics (TLS’09), Montréal : Observatoire de linguistique sens-texte.

Beck, D. ; Gerdes, K. ; Milićević, J. and Polguère, A. (2009) Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory (MTT’09), Montréal : Observatoire de linguistique sens-texte.

. . . → Read More: Just published: Proceedings of MTT’09 and TLS’09