Just published: Proceedings of the 6e International Workshop on Computational Terminology (COMPUTERM 2020)

Batrice Daille, Kyo Kageura et Ayla Rigouts Terryn (2020) Proceedings of the 6e International Workshop on Computational Terminology (COMPUTERM 2020), held within the LREC2020 International Conference.

In the four years since the 5th Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm 2016) was held, advancements in distributional representations and deep learning have changed, at least on the surface, the major NLP scene. What about terminology processing? This issue has yet to be fully explored or discussed. For instance, while Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has greatly improved target language fluency, it is sometimes reported that the quality of NMT is on a par with Statistical Machine Translation when it comes to the translation of terminology. Given the unique status of technical terms in communication and language practice, there is much for computational terminology to examine and explore in the face of the recent development of deep learning based NLP technologies, which may not necessarily be in the same line with most NLP tasks.

This workshop thus aims to investigate what deep learning has brought to computational terminology, its impact within human applications, and the new questions that it raises within the scope of terminology. With this in mind, Prof. Dr. Sabine Schulte im Walde (University of Stuttgart) was invited to highlight the new results achieved in modelling noun compound meaning in general and domain-specific language using such statistical methods.

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