Lexique scientifique transdisciplinaire


Résultats anglais
according (adv)
Sens 1 : (accroding to) in a way that depends on differences in situations or amounts. [Source : LG]
Équivalent(s) : fonction:4, selon:1
  • Thus, we can classify quasiparticles according to the number n of curves which terminate at them.
  • Through the control of the laser power (or energy) on a pixel-to-pixel basis according to the amount of light collected, the dynamic range can be increased beyond the level stated in Table 1.
  • According to the algorithms in [8], each time the value of a measured quantity at a node Ni lies outside the interval specified by the filter installed at Ni ; then the new calculated partial aggregate value of the node is transmitted and propagated to the Root node.
accordingly (adv)
Sens 1 : as a result of something. [Source : MAC]
Équivalent(s) : conséquent:1, donc:1
  • Accordingly, we should apply the same rule when we find we are unable to translate the predicates of SSCs into the predicates of evolutionary biology.
  • The reference light used in the experiments had a gravity center at 581.6 nm; therefore the V(A) function was adjusted accordingly.
  • America accordingly intervenes as a shadowy presence in nineteenth-century Australian culture, suggesting ways in which supposedly natural hierarchies might be overturned.
Sens 2 : in a way that is suitable for the situation. [Source : MAC]
  • Each of the three players, in consequence, to a lesser or greater degree, believed he held ultimate responsibility and acted accordingly.
  • The applicable attributes will then be changed accordingly for further refinement of the design concept.
  • Member states according heightened levels of protection, however, cannot compel other Member states to adjust their own levels of protection accordingly; the TRIPS Agreement contains no provisions by which the prescribed minimum standards track technological developments subsequent to promulgation.