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Résultats anglais
acquisition (nom)
Sens 1 : the action of obtaining or getting for oneself, or by one's own exertion. [source : OX]
Équivalent(s) : acquisition:1
Contextes :
  • So they enrolled the power of eminent domain to complete property acquisitions, resulting in relocation obligations as required under state redevelopment law.
  • In contrast, the French army had commenced antiaircraft trials in 1906 and had experimented with mobile guns as early as 1910; however, the French army's willingness to experiment was not reflected in a corresponding outlay of funds for the acquisition of air defense weapons.
  • Solent maritime relations in the 2nd and 1st centuries BC It is now evident that, prior to Caesar's expeditionary landing in Kent in 55 BC, the Isle of Wight was already involved in the acquisition of Roman luxury goods from Gaul.
Sens 2 : a thing acquired or gained; a gain or acquirement. [source : OX]
Équivalent(s) : acquisition:2
Contextes :
  • If we take a closer look at the consumer choice framework, the systemic model as suggested by Spencer-Wood (1987:9) explains "why types of goods of differing quality or price were selected for acquisition and archaeological deposition by different cultural subgroups in a market economy."
  • For instance, Kyllonen and Stephens (1990) found that working memory capacity predicted knowledge acquisition in a complex learning task.
  • It is not sufficient that legislation establishes rights (through substantive provisions) or means for acquiring such rights (through procedural provisions) acquisition of rights, regardless of the means of acquisition, must be guaranteed through efficient channels of justice controlled by a solid authority capable of protecting the rights against violation or abuse.