Lexique scientifique transdisciplinaire


Résultats anglais
activity (nom)
Sens 1 : things that people do in order to achieve a particular aim: political, economic, business (etc.) activity; criminal, terrorist, illegal (etc.) activity. [source : LG]
Équivalent(s) : activité:1
Contextes :
  • During the field training in the summer months, political activity was totally pushed aside by some commanders.
  • Small non-profit staffs focused their efforts and funds on needs and sometimes combustible activity taking place within their own walls.
  • Since cholesterol in red blood cells is physiologically maintained to be just at the equivalence point (1), it normally exhibits a low chemical activity.
Sens 2 : a natural or normal function. [source : MW]
Équivalent(s) : activité:2
Contextes :
  • These authors suggest that the Negative Affectivity factor may have a basis in amygdala activity as well as the OFC modulation of hippocampal function.
  • The biological impact of intercalators on the activity of cholesterol in biological membranes could be significant and bears further study.
  • So far, it has only been possible to replace the calcium cofactor by strontium and still retain activity.
Sens 3 : an active force. [source : MW]
Équivalent(s) : activité:3
Contextes :
  • While many of the imported items at Hengistbury were no doubt intended for local consumption, it has been proposed that the redistribution of imported goods was also an important activity from within this coastal market place (Collis, 1984; Cunliffe, 1984, 1987).
  • Therefore, for this study about downtown San Diego, I sought a framework from which to view both past and present activity amid a host of actors, while remaining cognizant of contextually changing influences and the context of the overall landscape.
  • This result may be another indicator that the passing of these "be a better person" laws is a symbolic activity, which does not have much effect on what actions prosecutors actually choose to prosecute.