Lexique scientifique transdisciplinaire


Résultats anglais
analogy (nom)
Sens 1 : a partial similarity between two things that are compared. [source : OAL]
Équivalent(s) : analogie:1
Contextes :
  • Given that the inclusion of environmental similarity in the premises is a prerequisite for an analogy between species, then, one cannot infer the existence of some feature of the hominin ancestral environment on the basis that similar environmental features are selectively important for other species.
  • The story lacks an Esther or a Mordechai, who engineers the Jews’ ultimate salvation, but the analogy to Purim suggests that Levi, of the initial confrontation, may have been the instrument of salvation in this Purim tale.
  • In this case an event horizon forms at late times exactly in analogy with a collapsing black-hole.
Sens 2 : the process of reasoning based on such similarity. [source : OAL]
Équivalent(s) : analogie:1
Contextes :
  • This should not be construed as proper mathematics, just an analogy, but what can be less than a single wedge product?
  • It would be easy to understand why an analogy would be poised to fail where its strength depended upon the assumption that human beings enjoy Seinfeldesque humor.
  • Creative thinking is the ability to generate new ideas, and is indicated by the multiplicity of ideas and the use of metaphor and analogy.