Lexique scientifique transdisciplinaire


Résultats anglais
apparent (adj)
Sens 1 : appearing as such but not necessarily so; seeming. [source : AHD]
Équivalent(s) : apparent:2
Contextes :
  • He is concerned about the economic problems of the Maritimes that had surfaced since the wonderful heyday of wooden ships and the carrying trade, citing as causes an apparent lack of energy in the population and a business fatalism.
  • This ambiguous statement reflected questions unanswered for authorities by the apparent disconnect between these weak perpetrators in contrast to such a significant wave of crime.
  • Some lawyers referred to both positive and negative factors and despite these apparent tensions and what may appear to be inconsistencies, a number of key factors emerged.
Sens 2 : that is clear and obvious. [source : D'après ALE]
Équivalent(s) : évident:1, clair_adj:3
Contextes :
  • The results indicate that the devised method for estimating and communicating implementation-uncertainty has several apparent benefits.
  • With the exception of Cache Point House 6 (likely due, at least in part, to the relatively small bird sample), there is an apparent increase over time in the importance of migratory birds.
  • However, these two apparent problems cancel each other out, as a result of the second constraint in (58).
apparently (adv)
Sens 1 : in an apparent manner. [source : MWU]
Équivalent(s) : apparemment:1