Lexique scientifique transdisciplinaire


Résultats anglais
appearance (nom)
Sens 1 : the way that someone or something looks on the outside; what someone or something seems to be. [Source : OAAD]
Équivalent(s) : dehors:1
  • The reaction of A380 silica pretreated at lOO°C did not result in a color change, but did change the physical appearance of the silica, similar to that described for A380-500.
  • Their flow cell is quite thin, very similar in appearance and dimensions to a microscope slide, gold plated, and works perfectly with high numerical aperture objectives or phase contrast condensers.
  • Catherine's rules not only included changes in her behavior, but also extended to her appearance.
disappearance (nom)
Sens 1 : the event of passing out of sight. [Source : WN]
Équivalent(s) : disparition:2