Lexique scientifique transdisciplinaire


Résultats anglais
apart (adv)
counterpart (nom)
Sens 1 : somebody or something corresponding to another: somebody or something that resembles another or functions similarly in a different system or group. [Source : ENC]
Équivalent(s) : homologue:1
Sens 2 : matching part or thing: either of two parts that fit together or are complementary. [Source : ENC]
Équivalent(s) : complément:1, homologue:1
departure (nom)
Sens 1 : an act of leaving a place, especially at the start of a journey. [Source : LG]
Équivalent(s) : départ:2
impart (verbe)
Sens 1 : to give a particular quality to something. [Source : OAAD]
Équivalent(s) : conférer:1
Sens 2 : v [Source : v]
Équivalent(s) : v
Sens 3 : to give a particular quality to something. [Source : OAAD]
Équivalent(s) : conférer:1
part (nom)
Sens 1 : one of the often indefinite or unequal subdivisions into which something is or is regarded as divided and which together constitute the whole. [Source : MW]
Équivalent(s) : partie:1, part:1, part:2
Sens 2 : an essential portion or integral element. [Source : MW]
Sens 3 : one of several or many equal units of which something is composed or into which it is divisible: an amount equal to another amount. [Source : MW]
Sens 4 : one of the constituent elements of a plant or animal body: organ, member. [Source : MW]
Équivalent(s) : partie:2
Sens 5 : a constituent member of a machine or other apparatus. [Source : MW]
Sens 6 : something falling to one in a division or apportionnement: share. [Source : MW]
Équivalent(s) : part:3
partial (adj)
Sens 1 : of or relating to a part, rather than the whole: not general or total. [Source : MW]
Équivalent(s) : partiel:1
partially (adv)
Sens 1 : partly; not completely. [Source : OAAD]
Équivalent(s) : partiellement:1
participate (verbe)
Sens 1 : to take part: to take part in an event or activity. [Source : ENC]
Équivalent(s) : participer:1
particular (adj)
Sens 1 : Relating to one person or thing rather than others. [Source : OAL]
Équivalent(s) : particulier_adj:2
Sens 2 : More than usual; special; exceptional. [Source : OAL]
Équivalent(s) : particulier_adj:3, spécial:1
particularly (adv)
Sens 1 : more than usual or more than others. [Source : LG]
partly (adv)
Sens 1 : in part or in some degree; not completely. [Source : AHD]
Équivalent(s) : partiellement:1