Postdoctoral fellows

  • Hee Sook Bae (2004-2006). 1. Analysis and description of adjectives in a Korean corpus of medicine; 2. DicoInfo in Korean
  • Mariana Giacomini Botta (2012-2013). Science in the press – the lexicon in popularized articles
  • Vincent Claveau (2004-2005). Automatic acquisition of semantically related terms
  • Dominic Forest (2006). Knowledge representation in the field of terrorism
  • Nava Maroto Garcia (2011). Argument and circumstantial relations between verbs and nouns in the field of industrial ceramics
  • Flavia Lamberti (2017). Terminology applied to translation
  • Adriane Orenha Ottaiano (2019). Collocations and multilingual encoding
  • Carles Tebe Soriano (2008). Antonymy in terminology

Doctoral fellows

  • Lu Huaguo  (卢华国) (2014) Research Center of Bilingual Lexicography, Nanjing University (NJU), China. Learners’ dictionaries and collocations
  • Teresa Ortego Antón (2010), University of Valladolid, Spain. Terminographical descriptions in the Spanish version of the DiCoEnviro
  • Antonio San Martín Pizzaro (2013), LexiCon Research Group, Université of Grenada, Spain. Terminological definitions
  • Ornella Wandji (2014). Université de Lille, France. Verbs in medicine