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Just published: L’implémentation des relatives dans un réalisateur profond. (Master Thesis)

Portenseigne, Charlotte (2021) L’implémentation des relatives dans un réalisateur profond. Master Thesis.
Département de linguistique et de traduction, Université de Montréal. [PDF (6,2Mb)].

This Master’s thesis is about the implementation of French relative clauses in the multilingual deep realizer GenDR. Surface realizers (SimpleNLG, JSReal or RealPro) generate relative clauses, but in deep realizers (MARQUIS, Forge or GenDR) their handling remains rudimentary. In a French corpus of 21,461 sentences, 4,505 contain a relative, i.e. about one in five sentences. Thus, it is a core linguistic phenomenon that should be handled by GenDR.

Our theoretical framework is the Meaning-Text theory. Relative clause is relevant in the semantics-syntax interface. We offer a typology of relative clauses. The relative clause is defined, and it is divided into two main categories: direct and indirect. Our definition of relative pronouns is based on Riegel et al. (2018).

Keywords : relative clause; natural language generation; text realizer; Meaning-Text theory.