Accepted papers

Papers to be presented at the Fourth International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory (MTT’09)

The conference final program (schedule of presentations) will be determined by mid-May.

Please consult regularly the MTT’09 website for more information.

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  1. The Theory of Lexical Functions: an Update [Invited paper]

    Juri Apresjan
  2. Concession in Russian: Semantics as a Reflection of Rhetoric [Paper]
    Valentina Apresjan
  3. Constitution d’un corpus annoté autour du lexique des émotions: collocations et fonctions lexicales [Paper]
    Magdalena Augustyn, Agnès Tutin
  4. Structuration et balisage sémantique des définitions du Trésor de Langue Française informatisé (TLFi) [Paper]
    Lucie Barque, Alain Polguère
  5. Domain, Domain Features of Lexical Functions, and Generation of Values by analogy according to the MTT approach [Paper]
    María A. Barrios
  6. Thematicity in Lushootseed syntax [Paper]
    David Beck
  7. Semantics of Attenuated Comparatives in Russian [Paper]
    Igor Boguslavsky, Leonid Iomdin
  8. Synchronous Parsing of Syntactic and Semantic Structures [Paper]
    Bernd Bohnet
  9. Propriétés combinatoires et polysémies de bases verbo-nominales en wolof : quelle corrélation ? [Poster]
    Olivier Bondeelle
  10. Korean Subject Attachment in Predicative Chains [Poster]
    Jihye Chun
  11. Sharing the Knowledge of Lexicographers: Methodology for the Extraction of Lexicographic Abilities [Paper]
    Sophie Comeau
  12. Meaning-Text-Theory and Lexical Frames [Paper]
    Robert Coyne, Owen Rambow
  13. On Speaker’s Stance Meaning of Discourse [Paper]
    Alexandre Dikovsky
  14. YES and NO: Universal Ideas in Language Specific Configurations [Poster]
    Dmitrij Dobrovolskij, Irina Levontina
  15. French infinitive in Arabic translation: a usage-based approach in MTT [Paper]
    Dina El Kassas
  16. Towards a New Meta-Language for Athabaskan Linguistics: The Case of Morphological Phrasemes [Paper]
    Josh Holden
  17. Foresight or Hindsight: the Mystery of Russian spoxvatit’sja [Paper]
    Boris Iomdin
  18. Linguistic Well-Formedness of Semantic Structures [Paper]
    Lidija Iordanskaja, Igor Mel’čuk
  19. Lexical Functions vs. Inflectional Functions: Dealing with Inherent Inflections [Paper]
    Maarten Janssen
  20. Defining the Deep Syntactic Structure [Paper]
    Sylvain Kahane
  21. Le rôle du verbe auxiliaire dans l’alternance de codes kisongye/français [Poster]
    Sébastien Kitengye Sokoni
  22. Le temps verbal dans l’interface sémantique-syntaxe du français [Paper]
    François Lareau
  23. Semantic Resources for Textual Content Compression [Poster]
    Nina N. Leontyeva
  24. Separating Different Lexemes of The Korean Adjective I- [Paper]
    Geun-Seok Lim
  25. Paddy Fields: A Topological Description of Chinese Word Order [Paper]
    Pierre Magistry, Kim Gerdes
  26. Les dépendants syntaxiques de l’adjectif en français : vers un inventaire des relations syntaxiques de surface [Paper]
    Sébastien Marengo
  27. C’est la définition de quel mot ? Tester la validité des definitions lexicographiques pour un dictionnaire d’apprentissage [Paper]
    Jasmina Milićević
  28. Creating an MTT Tree Bank of Spanish [Paper]
    Simon Mille, Vanesa Vidal, Alicia Burga, Leo Wanner
  29. Mode of action nouns and their diatheses [Paper]
    Elena Paducheva
  30. Lexical units and syntactic constructions: the caused-motion construction [Poster]
    Marta Rebolledo Remus, Margarita Alonso Ramos
  31. So-Called Collective Numerals in Polish (in Comparison with Russian) [Paper]
    Zygmunt Saloni
  32. Towards a semantically oriented selection of the values of Oper1. The case of golpe ‘blow’ in Spanish [Paper]
    Begoña Sanromán
  33. Russian Botanical Terms: Towards Their Lexicographic Description [Paper]
    Alexei Shmelev, Elena Shmeleva
  34. Les greffes collocationnelles en espagnol [Poster]
    Isabel Uzcanga Vivar, Araceli Gómez Fernández
  35. On the place of information structure in a grammar [Invited paper]
    Robert Van Valin
  36. Géométriser le sens lexical. La synonymie comme accès à la sémantique [Paper]
    Fabienne Venant
  37. Description lexicographique des lexies dénotant des animaux dans un Dictionnaire explicatif et combinatoire [Paper]
    David Wilton
  38. A Target-oriented Case Study on Some Chinese Syntax-based Semantic Restrictions [Poster]
    Xiaohong Wu, Sylviane Cardey
  39. Types of Paraphrase Rules in Practice. German Paraphrases of a Russian Text [Paper]
    Robert Zangenfeind