Accepted papers

Papers to be presented at the International Workshop on Terminology and Lexical Semantics (TLS’09)

The conference final program (schedule of presentations) will be determined by mid-May. Please consult regularly the TLS’09 website for more information.

Click here to download a PDF version of this list of papers.

  1. Classes de vocabulaire et indexation automatique
    Lyne Da Sylva
  2. Intégration d’informations syntaxico-sémantiques dans les bases de données terminologiques : méthodologie d’annotation et perspectives d’automatisation
    Fadila Hadouche, Marie-Claude L’Homme, Guy Lapalme, Annaïch Le Serrec
  3. Towards an integrated analysis of aligned texts in terminology: The CREATerminal approach
    Elizabeth Marshman, Patricia Van Bolderen
  4. Term-spotting with TransCheck: A Capital Idea
    Elliott Macklovitch, Guy Lapalme, Nelida Chan
  5. La traduction des adjectifs relationnels du domaine médical : étude du suffixe –ionnel.
    François Maniez
  6. Linguists to engineers: Explaining the meaning of SERVICE
    Heli Tissari, Tuula Chezek
  7. The equivalence of terms from the Internet in Spanish and French
    Esperanza Valero, Verónica Pastor, Amparo Alcina
  8. Explanatory Combinatorial Lexicology and NLP Applications in Specialized Discourse (invited paper)
    Leo Wanner
  9. The Framing of Surgical Procedure Terms
    Maria-Cornelia Wermuth