Researchers at the OLST offer supervision in the areas of didactics, lexicology, information science and terminology. Students can thus participate in different research projects addressing theoretical issues raised in these fields or by their various applications (dictionaries, term banks, language learning with a focus on the lexicon, knowledge modelling, acquisition of knowledge from text corpora, etc.).

The supervision offered at the OLST allows students to become familiarized with up-to-date theoretical models and methodologies. In addition, students learn to use various computer applications necessary to carry out work in lexicology and terminology.

For students already at the University of Montreal, different options are offered:

• “Travaux dirigés” (short dissertation on an applied topic) or internships in terminology
• MA dissertations in didactics, linguistics, information science or translation
• Ph.D. dissertations in didactics, linguistics, information science or translation
• MA or Ph.D. dissertations carried out under a joint supervision (e.g., computer science and linguistics, computer science and information science).

For foreign students, the OLST offers internships compatible with the topics addressed by researchers in their projects. Candidates who are interested are invited to submit an application to one of the members of the OLST (the application should give a brief description of their background and of the project on which they wish to work during their stay).

In all cases, students have the opportunity to participate in projects supervised by professors, members of the OLST, can benefit from a close supervision and can share their experiences with other Canadian and foreign researchers.