Query interface of the term bases annotations

An new interface allows users to retrieve annotated contexts from the OLST term bases DiCoInfo, DiCoEnviro, and JuriDiCo is available at the following address: http://olst.ling.umontreal.ca/dicoinfo/annotations

It allows users to find annotated contexts in one or more of the OLST term databases by specifying either the terms to search, or the labels used to tag roles (e.g., Agent, Patient, Instrument), functions, and syntactic groups in the annotated contexts. Users can also search only for contexts with a given status (revised or unrevised); or constrain the search to a certain scope within the contexts (i.e. a subpart of the contexts) :

Results are shown in two sections. First, a summary of the roles found is presented (with all the contexts for each role); secondly, a table shows all the contexts themselves: