DiCoInfo: A Framed Version


This is the framed version of the DiCoInfo. In the present resource, we propose a representation of the terminology of computing based on the FrameNet project (Ruppenhofer et al. 2010). Terminological units are organized and described in semantic frames.

For example, the frame Program creation describes a situation in which a programmer (Agent) develops an application (Patient) using a programming language (Material). To this frame, we relate a number of terminological units, such as to write and to program. These two units have the same number of obligatory participants (also called actants). Participants are also of the same nature.

Being a multilingual resource, you can find units in different languages such as program, écrire and كتابة  .

This project is carried out at the Observatoire de Linguistique Sens-Texte of the University of Montréal. Ideas, data, conception and programming are under the responsibility of Nizar Ghazzawi, Marie-Claude L’Homme and Benoît Robichaud.

Feel free to contact us for any comments or critiques at the following address: nizar.ghazzawi@umontreal.ca

If you use this resource in your research, please cite the following papers: