Nomination of Yvette Mollen as a regular member of the OLST

The Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte (OLST) is happy to welcome Yvette Mollen as a regular member. Yvette Mollen is invited professor at the Département de littératures et langues du monde and a renown expert of the Innu language (Innu-aimun). For several years, her work has been concerned with the preservation and dissemination of Innu. She also teaches it with passion. Some of the resourses to which she actively contributes are available on the Website Innu-aimum, Language resources. In 2020, Yvette Mollen was awarded the Prix de la valorisation des langues autochtones, and, in 2021, the Prix Gérard Morissette.