The DiCoInfo

Fundamental computer science dictionary

Coordinator : Marie-Claude L’Homme

The focus of this project is the description of the fundamental terms of computer science (e.g. to configure, program, computer, digital). All descriptions are based on a corpus of approximately 1,000,000 words. Using a list of lexical specificities generated by TermoStat (developed by Patrick Drouin), terminographers select entries using a series of lexico-semantic criteria. The senses are then distinguished using lexico-semantic tests (e.g. differential and compatible co-occurrence, morphological derivation, etc.). The form of the articles in the dictionary is largely based on Explanatory and Combinatorial Lexicology (ECL) models: 1. Each term comes with a description of its actantial structure (e.g. x installs y on z), and the actants are gathered in semantic categories (e.g. x(user) installs y(tool) on z(permanent medium)); 2. The semantic paradigmatic and syntagmatic relations shared by the dictionary’s terms are represented by lexical functions.

Click here for a sample of the dictionary’s articles. (French only)