A framed version of DiCoEnviro

Understanding the Earth

Understanding life

Substances and resources

Changes affecting the environment

Climate and meteorological events

The greenhouse effect

Species activities and life

Risks and preventing them

Contamination and decontamination

Green and sustainable


Human activities having an impact on the environment

Management of waste

Modelling environmental changes

Conversion of energy sources


Vehicle uses

Fueling vehicles

Frames origins
Central Frames of scenarios
Frames defined for the DiCoEnviro
Frames based on Frames defined in FrameNet
CausationIs causative of Is inchoative of
UsageIs used by Uses
InheritanceIs inherited by Inherits from
SubframesIs subframe of Has subframe
PerspectivesIs perspectivized in Perspective on
PropertyHas property Is a property of
PrecedencePrecedes Is preceded by
OppositesIs opposed to
NeighborsSee also