A SSCHRC grant for the description of environment terminology in Innu language

Uauitamutau assi. Environment terminology in Innu language (Innu-Aimun)

In general, this project aims to develop a method for collecting, describing and documenting terms related to the field of the environment based on Innu knowledge in this field. The project will be carried out in collaboration and consultation with the Innu communities of eastern Quebec and includes a documentation component and a description component (according to the distinction proposed by Himmelmann 1998). The documentation component will consist of recording interviews on environmental topics, transcribing them and ensuring their dissemination. The description component will consist of: 1. defining a subset of concepts related to the environment according to the perspectives adopted by the Innu communities on these realities; 2. identifying the terms used in Innu-Aimun to designate these concepts, taking into account the linguistic and contextual specificities of these terms; 3. documenting and disseminating these descriptions in an open web platform. Team : Marie-Claude L’Homme, Yvette Mollen et Marjolaine Tshernish (Institut Tshakapesh)


L’Homme, M.C. 2022. “Terminology and Lexical Semantics”, In Faber, P. and M.C. L’Homme (eds.). Theoretical Approaches to Terminology. Explaining Terms, Concepts and Specialized Knowledge, Amsterdam/Philadephia: John Benjamins, pp. 237-260.