Just published: Language – From Meaning to Text

A new release in linguistic semantics from Igor Mel’čuk, Co-Founder and Researchers at OLST :

Igor A. Mel’čuk. 2016. Language : From meaning to Text. (Ed.) David Beck. Boston : Academic Studies Press, 270 pages.
ISBN: 9781618114563

“Igor Mel’čuk, the former wunderkind of Soviet linguistics, has been working on the formal description of sentence structure for decades, bringing his Meaning-Text model to still greater perfection. As a result, this monograph offers an impressive multi-layered grammar encompassing separate semantic, syntactic, morphological and phonological representations of any sentence to be examined, together with an integrated dictionary that is still unsurpassed in its systematic, all-embracing account of semantic, combinatorial and other properties of vocabulary items. The entire apparatus is based on rigorous formal definitions of all concepts involved. Moreover, unlike in comparable studies, all rules and properties are illustrated by a wealth of diverse typological data. All in all, the present monograph represents the best traditions of mathematical linguistics and may be considered a masterpiece of theoretical precision and methodological rigor, buttressed by a rich empirical underpinning.”

— Daniel Weiss, Professor Emeritus, Slavic Department, University of Zurich

Introduction à la linguistique

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